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Revolutionizing Your Production Line

In the realm of industrial automation, the partnership between American Feeding Systems (AFS) and RNA has set a new benchmark in efficiency and innovation. AFS, renowned for its expertise in feeding solutions, is now a partner with RNA feeding systems, a leader in automated feeding systems. AFS will be building our feeding systems on RNA automated feeding equipment. This collaboration brings forth an unparalleled range of automated feeding systems, tailored to revolutionize manufacturing processes across various industries.

The AFS team expertly guides you through the selection, implementation, and maintenance of the optimal vibratory feeder system for your needs. What’s more, we’ve thoughtfully crafted each item to give your productivity a friendly little boost and make your operations run smoother than ever! Let’s take a quick stroll through what we do best, shall we?

RNA Automated Feeding Equipment

Immerse your production processes in unparalleled efficiency with our solutions, fabricated exactly with robust 304 stainless steel and specialty coatings to ensure durability and optimal performance. Also, our products, available from 6” to 36” diameters, are crafted to deliver continuous, trouble-free service, fortifying your operations with steadfast reliability.


Our automated feeding systems feature a wide range of products, including vibratory drive units, belt conveyors, custom-fabricated tables, storage hoppers, and so much more to meet your diverse needs! Every component is engineered to tackle the demands of today’s manufacturing environments with finesse.

Why Choose AFS’s Feeding Systems?

Choosing RNA solutions through AFS provides access to advanced feeding technology, backed by AFS’s expert support and industry insight. We will utilize RNA automated feeding equipment, thus having a competitive advantage. This partnership represents a blend of quality, innovation, and customer-centric solutions, positioning AFS as a leading provider in the automated feeding systems industry.

Elevated Production Rates:

  • AFS’s feeder bowls automate tasks, enhancing speed and reducing labor needs.

Enhanced Efficiency:

  • Continuous, precise part feeding, 24/7.
  • Reduced labor with one operator monitoring multiple machines.
  • Lower cost per part produced due to increased efficiency.

Superior Quality Assurance (QA):

  • Aids in producing higher-quality, lower-cost products.
  • Utilization in inspection stations with vision systems for precise orientation checks.
  • Benefits both manufacturers and customers by minimizing flawed products.
  • Helps in establishing and maintaining a reputable market presence and potentially expanding clientele.
RNA Automated Feeding Equipment

Interested in learning more about the AFS and RNA Partnership? Reach out now and one of our skilled experts can help!

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